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Fall 2017 Upcoming Books Part 3–Mystery/Suspense

Fall 2017 Upcoming Books Part 3–Mystery/Suspense

There are quite a few books I’m looking forward to reading this fall! This is part three featuring Mystery/Suspense/Thriller releases. The next posts will feature Non-fiction, and Young Adult. You can also check out the  Christian Fiction  and Mainstream Fiction pages.

Some of these I have already read for review in another publication, I will post the reviews and links as soon as they are live, but know that everything I’m choosing to post is highly recommended. Without further ado…here are my most anticipated fall releases. This post contains affiliate links, see disclosure for more information

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Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison is a fantastic psychological thriller. It’s about a married couple, Sutton and Ethan Montclair, and nothing about their relationship is as it seems. Ethan wakes one day to find Sutton missing, but everything she owns is still at home. She leaves a note telling him that she needs time away and not to look for her. Ethan comes under suspicion and the police, Sutton’s friends, and readers are left wondering if Ethan actually did something to Sutton or did she leave on her own? This follows a Gone Girl-type theme, yet is one of the better renditions and will keep you guessing. My Goodreads review: Lie to Me on Goodreads

Releases September 5, 2017

Friend Request by Laura Marshall has a quite intriguing concept. Louise receives a friend request from Maria Weston, a girl she went to high school with. The only problem–Maria is dead. Louise’s reunion is coming up and she reaches out to other high school friends and finds that no one is how she remembered them. Is Maria really dead, or is someone playing a sick joke to play with Louise’s mind? Another one that has some surprising twists, and it’s difficult to know which characters you can trust. My Goodreads review: Friend Request on Goodreads

Releases September 5, 2017

The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine is a soapy, fun, twisty mess of a book. Amber Patterson is tired of being a nobody and not getting the breaks in life that everyone seems to. So she targets a seemingly “golden couple”, Daphne and Jackson Parrish. The Parrishes are gorgeous, beyond wealthy, and have a fabulous home. Amber wants to be the next Mrs. Parrish, and sets herself up to become friends with Daphne so she can insinuate herself into Jackson’s life and get on his radar. Little do any of the characters know, but there’s more to each than meets the eye. My Goodreads review: The Last Mrs. Parrish on Goodreads

Releases October 17, 2017

Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda has been receiving a great deal of buzz in recent weeks. Paul and Mia Strom have, on the outside a seemingly perfect life. Paul plans a weekend getaway for his wife at their lake house,  with time together to reconnect and relax. As they start their journey to the house, cracks appear in the relationship and nothing is as it seems. I’m really excited to see how this all plays out!

Releases September 19, 2017

Odd Child Out by Gilly Macmillan follows up some successful thrillers in the past few years:The Perfect Girl and What She Knew. This latest release follows best friends Abdi and Noah. When Noah is found unconscious, floating in a canal, Abdi refuses to talk about the situation. When the police begin to investigate, they think it’s a prank gone wrong. However, Noah is British and Abdi is from Somalia. Social issues come to light and things aren’t exactly as they seem–or are they?

Releases October 3, 2017

The Missing is the latest by C.L. Taylor. I’m a sucker for missing person mysteries, and that’s why this one caught my eye. This is about a missing teenage boy whose mother must piece things together in order to try to find him. Sounds similar to Reconstructing Amelia, an intriguing book that I really liked. The description sounds like the missing boy comes from a family filled with secrets and lies and people who know more than they’re letting on.

Releases November 7, 2017

How I Lost You by Jenny Blackhurst could be interesting. I’m not generally a huge fan of amnesia type stories because I think they are too convenient and often pretty fake, but sometimes they’re not too bad (The Girl From the Sea is a prime example–totally unbelievable amnesia, but still a decent thriller/mystery) This story follows Susan Webster, who killed her twelve-week-old son, yet doesn’t remember it and was sent to a psychiatric hospital for three years. She is released and given a new name (Emma Cartwright) and a fresh identity in order to start over. She receives a mysterious photograph of a toddler that looks exactly like her son. Is he still alive?

Releases October 10, 2017

The Second Sister by Claire Kendal is another intriguing missing person story. Ten years ago, Ella’s older sister disappeared. Ella spends years trying to find out what happened to Miranda, and now that Ella is the same age Miranda was when she vanished, her efforts increase. Ella is convinced she knows who is responsible, and takes risks in order to expose the man she knows is guilty.

Releases September 26, 2017


What mystery/suspense/thriller books are you excited to read this fall?


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