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Lisa Gardner’s Right Behind You out in Paperback–Series order for FBI Profiler series

Lisa Gardner’s Right Behind You out in Paperback–Series order for FBI Profiler series



Lisa Gardner is my go-to author for intriguing mysteries that keep me guessing! She has multiple series: Detective D. D. Warren, FBI Profiler (Quincy and Rainie), Tessa Leoni, and some standalone novels. I would personally recommend reading each series in order, because the relationships definitely build on each other. The mysteries are wrapped up in each novel for the most part.



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The order of the FBI Profiler Series is:

1.The Perfect Husband

Tess married cop Jim Beckett, seemingly the perfect husband. They have a daughter, and then she discovers that he has murdered 10 women.  She helps to get him put behind bars, but before he goes he vows to get out and come after her. When Jim escapes, Tess joins forces with an ex-marine to help hunt him down. This book introduces Quincy.


2.The Third Victim

This book introduces Rainie as a homicide detective in Bakersfield, Oregon, and Quincy as an FBI profiler joining her when a school shooting occurs. But there’s more to the story than meets the eye.


3. The Next Accident

This one really kept me guessing throughout (as is typical of all of Gardner’s books!) Quincy’s daughter is killed in a drunk driving accident (supposedly). He isn’t convinced that it was an accident, he thinks someone set it up. Then more people close to Quincy are targeted and killed, and he and Rainie join forces to protect his other daughter and figure out who is behind everything.


4. The Killing Hour

Rainie has started training to become an FBI Agent. In this book, a man kidnaps two women and kills one. Then he leaves clues for them to find the second victim. Taut, exciting thriller.


5. Gone

Rainie goes missing, her car abandoned in the middle of a rainy highway. Quincy must try to find her before it’s too late. Another great thriller from start to finish.


6. Say Goodbye

I honestly had some difficulty reading this one. It got a bit too graphic and too dark for me, a story about a pregnant prostitute. I started out listening to this one on audio and had to give up and read the print copy so I could skip some of the darker parts involving controlling children. The author doesn’t go into gory detail, but your brain knows exactly what is being described and it might be too much for the easily shaken.


7. Right Behind You (now out in paperback!)

Released earlier this year, this book is the perfect return to Quincy and Rainie after about eight years of Gardner writing the her other series. Eight years before, Sharlah Ray Nash’s older brother beat their father to death in order to save their lives. Now she’s comfortably living with Quincy and Rainie, and trying to move on from her past. Then a double murder occurs and it appears as if Telly, Sharlah’s brother, is the culprit. Now there’s a massive manhunt for Telly, who may or may not have Sharlah in his sights next. I loved the “did he or didn’t he” thoughts that kept going through my head throughout the entire reading of this rapid-paced story.

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