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Book Review and Giveaway: Still Me by Jojo Moyes (Me Before You #3)

Book Review and Giveaway: Still Me by Jojo Moyes (Me Before You #3)

I must admit, Me Before You made me want to literally throw the book across the room. I truly hated the ending, which made me angry and not sobby sad like everyone else I knew who read it. Yet, I cared enough about Louisa Clark as a character to read After You , which I liked a bit better, and now Still Me, which I adored. If you haven’t read Me Before You and After You (where have you been living, under a rock?) or if you’ve only seen the movie, then I urge you to read them first, because you will miss the entire back story and journey if you don’t start at the beginning. The summary below is going to give spoilers if you haven’t read the first two, so be warned.

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About the Book:

After receiving reassurances from Sam and her family at the end of After You, Louisa Clark accepted Nathan’s job opportunity and heads to New York City to be the paid companion of a wealthy socialite. What she quickly discovers is that Agnes is a perplexing woman. She’s Leonard Gopnik’s second wife, and New York society (as well as Leonard’s children and staff) sees her as a gold-digging interloper that they are determined to freeze out. Louisa bucks up her happy-go-lucky personality and settles in to make the best of this complicated situation, as well as navigating a new country and trying to keep her relationship with Sam moving forward.

Although there are some joys, Lou finds things a bit disorienting and far more complex than she had imagined they would be. She is introduced to Joshua Ryan, a man who bears and uncanny resemblance to Will Traynor in looks and demeanor, so much so that Lou is drawn to him, despite her heart ties to Sam. Secrets abound from all angles, and Lou finds herself caught in the middle of something in which the way out is unclear. After all of these changes, can Louisa Clark figure out who she truly is in the midst of life-altering revisions in circumstances?

My Thoughts:

I just loved Lou in this book! Everything she goes through, everything that happens to her–whether through circumstances beyond her control or choices she makes–mirrors what might actually happen to someone. This is a lengthy novel (almost 400 pages) and I found myself gripped throughout, I wanted to find out what would happen so much that I didn’t want to put it down. I laughed, got a bit sick to my stomach when bad things happened, and cried tears of both sadness and joy. Still Me most definitely evokes the gamut of emotions in a very good way.

Having the background of Sam and Lou’s relationship from After You makes Still Me a more complex story. They came together during such emotionally heightened times, with both of them fearing for their lives at one point or another, and navigating through their individual stories of love and loss. If a reader didn’t know that background, it would be easy to dismiss their relationship when things get messy. I held out hope that they would at least acknowledge the other’s fears and unmet expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed.

If you are anxious to find out the next chapter of Louisa Clark and company’s story, then Still Me is definitely one you should put on your list. The characters are familiar friends–you will want to know about Treena’s new relationship, what is going on with Lily, and everything about the rest of the family.

Bottom Line:

This is such a delightful, emotional, and heartfelt book, sure to please fans of the series, as well as those who like a good saga about life and love. Read the first two books (again or for the first time) and then immerse yourself in Louisa’s world once again.

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